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Ron uses stories and real-world examples coupled with an engaging style to convey practical, actionable ideas that inspire audiences and provide a framework for implementation.

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Popular Topics

Keynote One

Leading with the
Exponential Mindset®

Maximize Capacity, Influence, and Impact

The Exponential Mindset® presented in this keynote facilitates a shift to leading more from identity & influence than lines of command and control. It empowers leaders to breakthrough roadblocks and limitations to multiply their impact like never before.


This program is perfect for emerging and established leaders:

  • Under relentless pressure to do more with less - and do it faster
  • Looking to overcome the limitations of conventional leadership and incremental growth strategies
  • Ready to increase their influence by building leaders who build leaders
  • Mid to senior-level executives with potential for organizational impact

The audience will leave with a roadmap to:

  • Increase engagement and eliminate waste to improve performance, productivity, and profitability
  • Move beyond optimizing execution to envisioning and empowering others in a compelling cause
  • Embrace diversity to capitalize on unique contributions as complementary forces
  • Shift from managing a territory to intentionally expanding their entire sphere of influence
  • Better navigate and lead through seasons of change
  • Be fully effective at work, fully present at home, and sustain success in both

Keynote Two

Be the Leader People
Want to Follow

...even when you don’t make the rules

This keynote provides a foundation for leadership through both capturing and cascading an identity-based vision. It helps leaders clarify priorities, maximize effectiveness, and build trust that fosters collaboration.


This program is perfect for emerging leaders and teams:

  • Feeling pulled in a thousand directions
  • Looking to reduce stress and eliminate waste
  • Caught in the tension between work and home

The audience will leave with:

  • A framework to sharpen focus, streamline processes, and navigate the tension of competing or conflicting demands
  • Tools for creating alignment between the individual, team, and organizational goals
  • Empowerment to build stronger teams with deeper connection, cohesion, and higher productivity
  • Increased confidence that builds trust with those they lead today and tomorrow

“I found so much inspiring content in your talk as well as tangible ways that I could put my leadership skills into action.”

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