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Online Leadership Workshops, Keynotes, & Executive Coaching

Empowering Middle Leaders to Thrive … both personally & professionally

Online Leadership Workshops, Keynotes, & Executive Coaching

Empowering Middle Leaders to Thrive … both personally & professionally

Focused & Confident Leaders

Higher Performing Teams

More Effective Organizations

middle leaders have to get results – even when they don’t make the rules

From entry level to VP, middle leaders lead & follow at the same time. 

They don’t create the vision – they catch it

They don’t develop all the strategies – but they deploy them

They don’t control all the resources – but they have to get results! 

no one wants excuses…

so, how can you be effective when you don’t have control?

Become a Leader People Want to Follow

…. even when you don’t make the rules!

Get Clear & Comfortable in Your Own Identity

Know who you are, who you are becoming, and what you have to contribute.

Care About & Bring Out the Best in Others

Genuinely care for others, value their voice, and position them for success.

Make Your Cause Contagious

Identify the elements of a compelling cause – and help everyone understand that their work matters.

Enjoy sustainable success!  Learn to Thrive – both personally & professionally!

Organizations Need Engaged & Effective Middle Leaders at Every Level

… but overwhelming workloads, constant change, and a breakneck pace stand in the way

Chaos Creates Waste and Kills Momentum

… teams become frustrated, disengaged, & ineffective


People aren’t clear about what to do, who they serve, or how their work matters.


Pockets of your team are engaged – but they’re not aligned.  They may actually be working against each other.


The confusion & politics have gotten personal – creating frustration in your leaders & their teams.

Competition is Tough Enough – You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Your Own Team

Build Strong, Confident Leaders – Increase Engagement – Create Alignment that Elimates Waste 

The Effective Leaders Framework

Find Clarity as a Leader

Get clear about what’s most important and how each person can make their greatest contribution to it.

Commit to a Strong Team

Align everyone’s strengths and ambitions to create high functioning teams at every level.

Champion the Organization

Empower leaders of influence who champion your cause with every decision they make.

… a framework for an identity-based vision that easily cascades to everyone

Every Leader Can Make a Difference

I’ve seen firsthand what happens when clarity and alignment begin to erode.  Left unchecked this creates hesitation, confusion, and frustration that can destroy the effectiveness of a team – or even an entire organization.

I’ve also seen how just one a leader with a clear vision, a quiet confidence, and genuine concern for their people can build the trust and momentum that can begin to turn all that around.  I’ve seen these leaders shift the atmosphere in a room – more by their presence than their position.  No one leader can do it all, but every leader can make a difference.

During my 30+ years as a Fortune 100 executive I came to value the contribution of middle leaders at all levels to the overall success of an organization – and became committed to equipping and empowering these key leaders.   Read more about my story here… 

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Thanks for presenting it in a way that we can put it into practice.  I love the relatable stories.”


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