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In real life leaders are asked to commit to a vision someone else creates, deploy strategies someone else develops, and march to measurements that someone else mandates.  With more than 35 years of experience, Ron Minatrea provides a leadership framework that helps these individuals and their organizations embrace these challenges to create success – even when they don’t make the rules.    Learn more about Ron.

The Healthy Leaders Framework

Find Clarity as a Leader

Get clear about what’s most important and how each person can make their greatest contribution to it.

Commit to a Strong Team

Align everyone’s strengths and ambitions to create high functioning teams at every level.

Champion the Organization

Empower leaders of influence who champion your cause with every decision they make.

Ron was FABULOUS!!! Please give him more time to speak next year, he is very gifted and inspirational. Both his content and delivery style brought a closeness to the room that was palpable. His session will stand out as the most powerful to me.

Very well prepared.

Had obviously done his homework on us – and had a pretty good understanding of us and our culture.”

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Very engaging – would highly recommend to other leaders.

… very applicable to all styles, levels, and organizational models.

Your program was one of the most popular and valuable programs of the convention.

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