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Our tailored workshops equip leaders for these ever-expanding roles with a curriculum that parallels their progressive journey.


Building Leaders People Trust

This workshop is for leaders ready to embrace leading more from their identity and influence than lines of command and control.


Aspiring and emerging leaders will learn to:

  • Capture an identity-based vision to create synergy between work & home – not conflict
  • Master a proven formula for stronger execution of the right goals
  • Develop a clear understanding of one’s market value & how to make their greatest contribution
  • Identify habits & mindsets that no longer serve them to double down on those that do

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

  • See priorities clearly, enjoy sharper focus, & become more effective – not just more productive
  • Have a deeper sense of identity and confidence that builds trust with their team and peers
  • Avoid burnout as they simplify to multiply - improving execution, balance, and personal fulfillment


Leading High-Performance Teams

This course equips leaders to expand their influence, build collaborative teams, and foster a healthy culture that drives peak performance.


Leaders and their teams will learn to:

  • Adopt a shared identity without compromising individual ambitions
  • Envision and invite others to rally around a compelling cause
  • Leverage diverse contributions to strengthen your team - not divide it 
  • Bring out the best in others, empowering and positioning them for success

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

  • Nurture stronger, more cohesive teams performing at higher levels
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration, breaking down the barriers of “us vs. them”
  • Build trust and increase engagement toward a shared vision


Leading for Organizational Impact

In this session, we’ll explore key shifts in thinking and leadership practices to empower established leaders to multiply their impact - exponentially.


The objectives for middle and senior-level leaders include learning to:

  • Adapt to expanding responsibilities - shifting what to think about and how to think about it
  • Energize and empower teams - moving beyond directing execution to envision a cause
  • Navigate the gray - finding both/and solutions rather than either/or
  • Multiply their impact - move from leading a territory to expand their sphere of influence

Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

  • Accelerate performance - for themselves and their team
  • Create capacity to get more done with less stress - and avoid burnout
  • Produce near-term results and long-term growth
  • Help shape and protect the future of the organization

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