Best Audience: Corporate, Small Business,  Associations

Grow Your We

A collection of individuals assigned to a common project does not make a team if each of the players continues to view their work through the lens of “what’s in this for me.”  Their “me” is transformed into “we” when they form the bonds of mutual commitment, common objectives, and the shared identity of the team.

But often teams formed around a project, department, or functional lines maintain a “small we” mentality that creates an internal “us vs. them” division that can kill the overall organization’s effectiveness.

In this keynote, Ron explores where and how these divisions occur, and offers a series of practical steps individuals can take to break down these walls – and helps them understand the value to themselves, their organization, and those they serve by continually growing their “we!”

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  • Break down the walls of “Us vs. Them”
  • Learn to commit to the company cause without compromising your personal ambitions
  • Identify the elements of a compelling cause
  • Build trust and loyalty in the workplace