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Middle Leaders are rarely asked to create the vision for an organization – but rather to catch an existing vision.  They’re asked to lend their leadership – and perhaps the best years of their life, to someone else’s cause.

How do you give yourself completely to the goals & mission of the organization without short-changing your own vision and plans?

That’s the focus of the MIDDLE LEADER WORKSHOP – available in both half & full day formats.

The workshop is presented in three sessions:

1 – Clarify

We begin with a session aimed at helping leaders get clear about who they are and how they truly define success.  This session will help them:

  • Build a foundation for personal leadership
  • Learn how to set the right goals
  • Establish clear priorities
  • Use a simple framework to capture their plans – and stay focused.

2 – Commit to the Cause

In this session leaders will learn to align their personal ambitions with the needs and vision of their organization.

This not only empowers the individual leaders, but also increases employee engagement and creates healthier corporate cultures.

 3 – Champion the Cause

In this final session, participants will learn to lead in complex environments where influence leadership skills are of greater value than traditional lines of command and control.

We’ll explore how to create and navigate healthy tensions in goals and initiatives that allow the organization to serve all their stakeholders with excellence – even when the outcomes appear to be at odds.