Inspiring and actionable keynotes for leaders, teams, and organizations

...aligning leadership, vision, & values

Ron draws on more than 35 years experience as a Fotune 100 executive, consultant, and speaker to equip & empower leaders to create clarity, build strong teams, and secure a bright future for their organization.  He uses stories and real world examples coupled with an engaging style to convey practical, actionable ideas that inspire audiences and provide a framework for implementation.

“…this was far more valuable and practical – something I can do right now.   This is real world.”  ~ Fortune 500 Executive

The Future of Your Business

… people, teams, sustainability, and growth

Develop Sustainable Organizations


  • Keeping your vision consistant, yet relevant and compelling over time
  • Building trust (internally & externally) in an environment you don’t control
  • Adapting to trends, but avoiding fads that fade – and knowing the difference
  • Communicating with clarity & confidence in uncertain times
  • Creating a culture that embraces & leads change rather than scrambling to survive it

The unrelenting demand for short-term results, constantly shifting workplace dynamics, and a growing number of forces intent on disruption can overwhelm and distract leaders…keeping them from adequately anticipating and preparing for the future.

Great processes – even great people, alone – can’t guarantee survival.

In this keynote, Ron shares inspiring, yet actionable ideas to help leaders think differently about today – and tomorrow.   This session focuses on creating leaders at all levels equipped to embrace and drive the change needed to secure a bright future for their organization.

Levers of  Leadership

… maximize your capacity, influence, & impact

Create High Performing Leaders


  • Make adjustments in your leadership style to enable growing responsibilities
  • Learn to navigate competing – even conflicting demands
  • Lead without lines in all your spheres of influence
  • Become the kind of leader that people want to follow

The very things that make certain leaders successful may limit their ability to grow or move to greater responsibilities.  Their leadership style, processes, and habits may not translate well to the next level.

In this, his latest keynote, Ron introduces the concept of a leadership dashboard that allows the audience to evaluate the scalability of their current leadership model.  He goes on to provide a hand full of levers everyone can use to adjust their leadership style to operate at higher levels.

These clear, but simple changes allow them to go beyond the limitations of their personal bandwidth, multiplying their impact, capacity, and influence.

Grow Your We

… eliminate the barriers of “us vs. them”

Building Strong Teams



  • Break down the walls of “Us vs. Them”
  • Learn to commit to the company cause without compromising your personal ambitions
  • Identify the elements of a compelling cause
  • Build trust and loyalty in the workplace

A collection of individuals assigned to a common project does not make a team if each of the players continues to view their work through the lens of “what’s in this for me.”  Their “me” is transformed into “we” when they form the bonds of mutual commitment, common objectives, and the shared identity of the team.

But often teams formed around a project, department, or functional lines maintain a “small we” mentality that creates an internal “us vs. them” division that can kill the overall organization’s effectiveness.

In this keynote, Ron explores where and how these divisions occur, and offers a series of practical steps individuals can take to break down these walls – and helps them understand the value to themselves, their organization, and those they serve by continually growing their “we!”


Find Your Fresh!

… how to make your most valuable contribution to any organization or cause


  • Get crystal clear about what success means to you
  • Establish priorities and goals that convert vision to action
  • Discover how to make your most valuable contribution to any organization or cause
  • Learn to perform beyond job descriptions and competency models
  • Create a sustainable work/life balance

Today’s leaders want to make a difference, they want to understand their purpose, and know that their work matters. This keynote gives audiences practical tools for discovering a compelling personal – and professional vision, and how to convert that vision into action that connects directly to the work we do every day.

Using the story of a donut shop, “Find Your Fresh” helps individuals discover what they uniquely have to offer – and where they’ll find their place of greatest fulfillment.