Regardless of their title or position, middle leaders are those individuals responsible for the day to day execution of the operations, strategies, and objectives defined by their senior leaders.

These middle leaders are rarely asked to create the company vision – but rather to catch it!

They’re asked to lend their leadership – and perhaps the best years of their life, to someone else’s cause.

Integrated Leadership is a curriculum designed to engage and equip these key individuals, creating a team of high performing leaders all committed to a common vision – without compromising their own ambitions.

The program is presented in three sections:


Section 1 – Clarify

In this section we help leaders get clear about their own identity, what they want, and what they have to offer.  The result is that each is able to lead with a greater sense of confidence and focus.

Module 1 - Get Clear About Success
  • Opens by stressing the importance and power of vision. It then introduces a unique goal setting model to help the leader define what success truly means to them, and to establish clear priorities and actions to create that success.
Module 2 - Create One Plan
  • Advocates using a single integrated plan for life, career, and business. This approach promotes intentional trade-offs between the seven segments of life; and advances the idea that work/life balance is achieved when all areas of one’s life are healthy and in balance, rather than pitting one’s work against the rest of their life.
Module 3 - Find Your Fresh
  • Uses the story of a donut shop to highlight the need for individuals to discover and embrace the unique value each of them brings to an organization. It introduces the concept of Vocational DNA – which goes beyond personality profiles and competency models to help each individual make their greatest contribution.

Section 2 – Commit to the Cause

Having looked at what the individual leader wants and has to offer, this section focuses on what the organization wants and needs from the leader; and helps them understand how to fully commit to the company’s cause without compromising their personal hopes, plans, and dreams.

Module 4 - Align Leadership, Vision, & Values
  • Encourages leaders to examine the cost of their commitment and to make a conscious decision to give themselves to the organization’s cause. We replace a familiar hierarchy of needs with a vocational hierarchy of rewards to derive a balance of income, fulfillment, and impact from their work or calling.
Module 5 - Grow Your We
  • In this module, we’ll confront the reality that most organizations experience an “us versus them” mentality that impedes their effectiveness. We’ll outline a series of practical steps to equip each leader to think and act more on the behalf of the whole organization instead of the field vs. home office, or other factions that can easily develop.

Section 3 – Champion the Cause

Once equipped to fully commit to the cause, this third and final section focuses on how to be a better leader and become an influential driver of change that can fuel business growth and mission success.

Module 6 - Scale Your Leadership
  • Details a series of changes one experiences as their level of responsibility grows, and suggests adjustments in their approach to leadership that will help them adapt and lead more effectively. This module also includes tips for helping them navigate the healthy tensions that can challenge leaders at all levels.
Module 7 - Influential Leadership
  • Recognizes that a leader’s impact is felt far beyond the reporting lines of their own team, extending to every stakeholder group – both inside and outside the organization. In this module we encourage each leader to embrace their total sphere of influence and become the kind of leader people want to follow in all situations.


  • We’ll close with a challenge to intentionally choose each day to invest in, and build a lifetime legacy of leadership.