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Ron Minatrea

Ron Minatrea

Leadership Speaker

Former Fortune 100 Executive

I wrote my first life plan when I was eight years old.

I was going to play pro sports and then become a sergeant in the army.  At 35 I’d be elected president – and serve two terms – before returning to pro sports.

And, I spent most of my growing up years wanting to be an astronaut.

I’ve never done any of those things.  Well, at least I’ve never held those positions.

But I’ve always loved the camaraderie of working with a small team to tackle tough challenges – just like the sergeant on TV that triggered my dream.

Although I’ve never been president, I’ve always been inspired by great leadership.  My nature is to rush to fill any leadership vacuum.  I’ve studied, practiced, and taught about leadership all my life.

And I learned that my fascination with being an astronaut, in part, related to the way they planned every mission in great detail, and then executed those plans with precision.  I enjoyed a 30-year corporate career planning and executing in projects and operations of all sizes – including shipping almost $25 Billion dollars of products a year, ultimately responsible for global warehousing and distribution operations for a Fortune 100 company.

Today, I’m a leadership speaker and consultant – another lifelong ambition.  And, I help people figure out what their hopes and dreams reveal about who they really are – and then to how bring the best of that person to the work they do every day…regardless of their role or position.